Do you want to make tomorrow a better place for the next generation? Maybe you want to find a way to take control of your home or business energy needs, but aren’t sure where to start? No matter what your reason, it’s important to know there is a form of renewable energy that reduces your electricity bill with a power which never runs out.

It is called solar energy. If you’ve always wanted to know how long do solar panels last and their cost, the informational guide below will let you know. Solar energy generated $17 billion in U.S. investments in 2018.

But many people don’t understand exactly how solar panels work. Read on to discover answers to questions you always wanted to ask, but never did on solar energy panels.

how do solar panels work

How Long do Solar Panels Last?

California and Orange County have always led the way in the U.S. solar market. Other states are now joining the solar panel movement as solar energy panels continue to expand its market. The solar market continues to grow and develop in part because of the falling prices of solar panels.

There were 2.7 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV capacity installed through solar panels in the first quarter of 2019. That’s enough solar power to reach over 12 million homes. Even more spectacular is PV capacity is expected to double by 2024. But how long do the solar panels last that help brings that amount of energy to market?

Average Life Span of Solar Panels

On average solar panels last about 25-30 years. Even though 25-30 years is their average life span, they don’t stop producing electricity when they hit their 25th birthday. Solar panels keep on working, even after 25-30 years because they don’t have moving parts.

There is nothing to break or degrade. There are only a few things that can cause a solar panel to quit working and those things are all caused by outside forces. Inclement weather with high-force winds may take panels off your roof.

You may have solar panels installed with a poor racking set-up or improper maintenance. These examples may impede on your solar panels abilities’ but they are statistically low events.

how do solar panels work

Solar Panel Efficiency Levels

The rule of thumb for solar panel efficiency levels is given by comparing two panels of the same size. If you have a panel with a 21% efficiency rating and the other one has a 10.5% efficiency rating, the 21% will produce 50% more kilowatt-hours of electricity than the 10.5% solar panel.

The lesson learned from the above is it is very important to get the highest-tier efficiency rating solar panel you can get. To be proactive try to find a solar panel company, like Material Solar, that knows the benefits of solar energy independence and why it should be accessible to anyone who wants it.

Solar Panel Efficiency Levels Over Time

Research studies have shown that the meta-analysis of long-term degradation of solar panels runs about 1% per year. But efficiency levels are impacted by what the technology was that built them and what materials were used. The most common material is monocrystalline silicon which has a degradation rate of less than 0.4%.

If you put this in practical terms, your solar panels should still be providing you power at a 92% level even after 20 years. There is no other renewable energy source that does more with materials and power. Because solar panels harness energy every day, it is available to you as long as the sun exists giving planet earth light and warmth.

The Top Five Solar Panels for Efficiency Levels

The top five best solar panel manufacturers were ranked based on their efficiency rating and the value based on cost factors. In 2019, the top five are:

  1. SunPower at 22.8% efficiency rate
  2. LG at 21.7% efficiency rate
  3. REC Solar at 21.7% efficiency rate
  4. Panasonic at 20.3% efficiency rate
  5. Silfab at 20.0% efficiency rate

You want to generate the most electricity you can get from solar panels because it is their efficiency levels which help you buy less power from your utility. The ability to buy less power is a bonus because with it you are given a higher SREC income with your solar panels.

how do solar panels work

Benefits of Solar Panels

The benefits of solar panels are always worth the investment you make in them. Solar panels are made of materials which reduce your electricity bill, has diverse applications and can be used without diminishing in power for decades. How much you save in your electricity bill is up to you.

Your savings are correlated with the size and dimensions of the solar panels installed. On top of all the electricity costs you save by using this renewable energy source, you can also receive payments for the surplus energy you export back to the grid. Surplus energy payments are given to you if you generate more electricity than you use.

The best solar panel companies listen to what you want to accomplish with your solar panels and offer you solutions you can afford. The solar company will then install the design you chose that best benefits the energy needs of your family.

Solar Panel Companies that Give you the Best Prices

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory did a study in 2018 to assess if bigger solar companies gave the best prices for solar panels, design, and installation. They found that large solar panel companies charged $2,000 – $5,000 more than smaller more personal solar panel companies. That is a significant difference to your budget.

The only way you can determine your best way forward in purchasing solar panels is by doing the research you need. Evaluate and weigh the quotes you received with the varying solar panel brands and review their efficiency ratings. Then you will find the solar panels that fit your energy needs.

Solar Panels That Fit Your Energy Needs

Material Solar isn’t just a solar panel company. We are renewable energy advocates who believe that everyone has the right to energy independence. It is our goal to provide solar panel materials to one family at a time, so the planet has a clean and environmentally-friendly future.

If, after reviewing the above information regarding solar panels and how long they last, you feel that you understand a little more about the benefits of solar energy, you might be ready to enter the buyer market. Reach out to us today, so we can determine how best solar energy will work for you.